January 23, 2021 Advertising & Antique Auction

January 23, 2021 Advertising & Antique Auction


157 E Fair Ave (Fairfield County Fairgrounds)


Easy to find! In Lancaster exit Memorial Dr (Old Rte 33) onto Fair Ave, follow approx 1/2 mile to Fairgrounds. Plenty of Parking/Htd Bldg

SATURDAY – JANUARY 23, 2021 – 10:00 AM

Please Note: Not knowing what may happen with Covid – We may need to reschedule or move the Auction


Click Here for 100’s Pictures!


VEHICLES: Vehicles sell with NO Reserve, As-Is, Titles are clean and on hand.

1968 Plymouth Valiant Signet , 4-Door, Slant 6 Motor, Automatic, 89k Miles, Runs & Drives!

1977 Jeep CJ-5, 6 cyl, 85k Miles, Lifted, Manual 3 Speed, New Tires, Runs, Has Top, Doors, Fiberglass Tub.


SIGNS: Dixcel “Pioneer Oil Co Gasoline” Sign (42″, Porcelain, Double Side), Hudson Sales & Service Station Triangular Sign (Porc, DS, 23-1/2×21), DeSoto “Service Autorise” (Porc, DS, 32×30), Goodyear Tires Vertical (Porc, SS, 94×22), Socony Motor Gasoline (Porc, Flange, 24×19), Sohio “Ethyl” Gasoline (Porc, DS, 30×25), Atlantic “White Flash” (Porc, SS, 52×35), Texaco Motor Oil (Porc, Flange, 23×18), “Stop for Veedol Motor Oils-Greases” (Porc, DS, 23-1/2), Sterling Oils (Orig Ring, Porc, DS, 21-1/4″ Ring Dia), “Ask for Valvoline” (Metal, SS, 48×24), 1958 Large Firestone Sign (Porc, SS, 108×35), Amoco “At Your Service” Curb Sign (Metal, Orig Frame-No Legs, 45×28), Sinclair w/Dino (Metal, SS, 59×43), Pennzoil (Porc, DS, 30-1/2×18), AAA “Emergency Service” (Porc, DS, 22-1/2×17), V.P. Hunt “Tankers, Inc” (Porc, SS, 36×20), Pure Pep Pump Sign (Porc, SS, 12×10), (4) Brothers Grease Tin Tacker, GAS PUMPS & MORE: 1953 Tokheim Model 39 “Bonded – Ethyl” Gas Pump (As-Found-Has Insides), 1957 Tokheim 300 Gas Pump (As-Found-Has Insides), Orig Super Pursan Milk Glass Gas Pump Globe, Orig Standard Oil Gold Crown Gasoline Gas Pump Globe, Bennett Eco Model 97 Air Meter, 1957 Pennzoil Oil Display Rack w/”Sound Your Z” – Metal Sign (DS, 12 Oil Cans, 40×16), Universal Batteries Plastic Lighted Sign (16″ sq), South Wind Auto Heaters Plastic Lighted Sign (15″ dia), Milton Wittmeyer “Kaiser Frazer” Rearview Mirror, 1948 Ethyl Corp Framed Gasoline Mixing Chart, Highway Garage Wood Thermometer, Standard Oil Small Wood Thermometer, 1920’s Monogram Junior Radiator Cap Cardboard Counter Display, Autolite Weather Forecast Weather Station (Plastic, 30×20), Pure Firebird Regular Plastic Sign (14×12), Oil Cans (Mobil, Sears, Havoline, Standard Oil, Cities Service), Michelin Man Ashtray, License Plates, Toppers & More!


SODA & MORE: Dad’s “1/2 gal Papa Size-Quart Mama Size” Sign (Metal, Embossed, SS, 27×14), Nehi “Curb Service-Sold Here” (Emb Tin, SS, 28×20), Drink Nehi Beverages Sign (Metal, SS), (2) Nehi Emerald Seltzer Bottles, Orange Crush “Bottle” Thermometer, Seeburg “Choice Vend” Model CVS175-5 Can Vending Machine, Pepsi 1930/40’s Pepsi Bottle Radio, Pepsi “More Bounce to the Ounce” Thermometer, 1983 Pepsi Sign (Metal, SS, 67×35), Say Pepsi Please Thermometer, 7-Up Sign (Metal, SS, 36×31), Fresh Up with 7-Up Sign (Paper), Drink Ale81-It Glorifies Tin Tacker, Lord Maxwell Ginger Ale Sign (Metal, SS), Mount Kineo Ginger Ale Sign (Metal, SS), “Drink Fruit Bowl Soda” Sign (Metal Mirror, SS, Framed, 22-1/2 x15-1/2), Drink Ice Cold “76” Metal Sign, Drink Jic Jac Sign (Metal, SS), Kramer’s Full Flavored Beverages Sign (Metal, SS), “Drink EZE Beverages” Menu Board, “16oz Big Giant Cola” Sign (Metal, SS), RC Cola Alum Bottle Carrier w/Bottles; COCA COLA: Cavalier Office Cooler (Frigidaire, 41x19dx18w), 1950’s Westinghouse Model BV-56 Coca Cola 5c Vending Machine (Works & Cools), Coca Cola White Porcelain Sign w/Bottle (SS, 33×18), Coca Cola Orig Delivery Man’s Cap, Shirt & Jacket, Robertson Bottle Thermometer, Refreshing New Feeling Framed Cardboard Sign, 1992 Enjoy Coca Cola Neon Sign, MORE: Corona Coach Gruden 4 foot tall Composition Nodder, Pure Process Ice Cream (Metal, Flange, Reflective, 18×14), Shaver’s Ice Cream Reflective Framed Sign (approx 12×6), Red Wing Ice Cream Flavor Board, Hughes Ice Cream (Small Sign), Henry Lutz Place-Logan OH “Make Your Dollar Have More Cents” (Tin, Emb, 28×10),  Anker-Holth Cream Separator Sign (Porc, SS), Blue Wing Work & Play Clothes (Tin, SS), RX7-11 for Dandruff (Tin, SS), Star Dog Food (Metal, DS, 24×18), Capudine Liquid for Headache Sign (Tin, Emb), Continental Flame Sealed Fence Dealer Sign (Yoder Bros-Wakarusa, Metal, SS), Orient Coal Dealer Sign (Greenslit Lumber Co, Metal, SS), Hartford Insurance “Livestock Shipped to Market in this Truck…” Metal Sign, Heinz Minerals for Better Live Stock Sign (Tin, Emb), Use Marietta Paints Metal Sign, Hillsboro-Highland County Protective Assoc Sign, Bluff City Special Bottle Beer Sign (Metal, SS), “Drink Braems Bitters” Sign, “Drugs” Tin Dealer Sign (Sigler’s Pharmacy-Pennsboro), F.L. Grant Furniture-Undertaking Tin Tacker, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Metal Thermometer (20×9 ), etc!

TOBACCO: 1900’s General Store Cigar Floor Showcase w/Ionic Column Pilasters, 1937 Mail Pouch Tobacco Thermometer (6′, Porcelain), Peter Schuyler Cigar (Porc, SS, 30 x12), Climax Plug Tobacco “The Grand Old Chew” (Porc, SS, 15″ sq), Fatima Extra-Mild & Soothing Framed Die Cut Cardboard Sign, Fatima Porcelain Ashtray w/Match Holder, Fatima “New Cork Tip” Paper Sign, Egyptian Deities Framed Paper Ad, Egyptian Deities Framed Cardboard Sign, Murad Framed Cardboard Sign, L&M “Live Modern” Sign (Metal, SS), L&M “Superior Taste” Tin Tacker, “Come In We Sell Cigarettes-Smoke Kool” Tin Sign, We Sell Cigarettes-Smoke Kool Sign, Prince Albert “The National Joy Smoke” Sign (Metal, SS), Palm Cigars Tin Tacker, Marvels Cigarettes Metal Sign, Avalon 12c Cigarettes Paper Sign, Primitive Tobacco Grinder, More!

ADVERTISING CLOCKS: Original R.A. Patterson “Lucky Strike Tobacco Regulator Clock w/Key & Pendulum, Early Gilbert Wood “Ensminger’s Pure Drugs” Advertising Clock w/Pendulum, Gilbert Regulator Clock w/ Wildroot Dandruff/Shampoo Advertising (Tablet has been Redone), Cleveland Neon “TV Town” Clock (Works!), Wendel’s Jewelry “Gruen Watch Time” (Lancaster, OH, 15″, Non Light), Robert’s Jewelers Clock (Portsmouth, OH), 1970’s Peter Max 7-Up Wall Clock, Dad’s Original Draft Adv Clock, Hay’s Auto Sales (Shadyside, OH), Mell-O Dairy Products Pam Clock, 1970 McCreary Tires Pam Clock, Telechron “Grand – Gas Ranges” Lighted Clock, Tetley Tea Wood Framed Electric Clock, Hammond Serutan “After 35” Clock & Dean Tires Plastic Clock, NAPA Windshield Products Plastic Clock, etc!



(2) 1950’s Hudson Carnival Ride Cars (Cast Aluminum & Steel – Fire Car & Sedan)! 1930’s Buckley 1c Ball Gum 3-Reel Trade Stimulator (Cigarette Reels-Works), 1930’s Groetchen Sparks Delux 1c Ballgum Trade Stimulator (Cigarette, 3 Reel, Works), Gottlieb 1c 3-Way Grip Tester, Holly Manufacture 1c “Test Your Grip”, Pix 1c Penny Match Machine (Wood & Metal Case), 1920/30’s Bill Fryer 5c Candy/Gum/Mints Machine (16x8x6), 1920’s Silver Comet Penny Stick Gum Machine, 1930’s Stewart & McGuire “Adams Chewing Gum” Penny Wall Mount Vending Machine, 1920/30’s Columbus Star “Model M” Pistachio 1c Machine (Completely Restored & Working), 1940’s A.B.T. Challenger 1c Shooting Game w/Homemade Metal Stand (Works, Bakelite Score Top), 1950’s A.B.T. Junior Deputy Sheriff Practice Range 5c Shooting Game (Works!), Robert Burns 25c Cigarette Wall Mount Dispenser, Select-O-Vend Penny Candy Counter Machine, 1950’s Wise Owl “Test Your IQ” Novelty Penny Napkin Holder w/Cards, 1950’s Victor Penny Baseball Game Gumball Machine, 1958 Coast Vendors 1c Baseball Gumball Machine, 1950’s Multi-Vendor Football Gumball Machine, Diamond Eggs 25c “Hear the Chicken Cluck” Vending Game, (3) Ford 10c Gumball Machines (Have Jerry Lewis Placards), Steiner 25c “Sports Card Center” on Post Vending Machine, etc.


Rare L.S. Starrett Mechanical Food Chopper (Civil War Era!), Antique 1912 Van Berkel Meat Slicer, Remington/Dupont Cutlery General Store Counter Display Cabinet (Oak, Slant Front, 57x31x14), Mosler Safe Co Small Floor Safe w/Combo (22x15x 14), Glass & Chrome Counter Display Case (32-1/2 x12 x7-1/2), Barber’s Side Cabinet, (2) Barber Shop Sterilzer Small Wood Cabinets, Terrific Late 1800’s Hardware Store Floor Standing Feed Sack Holder, Early Glass & Tin Pie Display Case (1-glass needs replaced, 19x12x10-1/2), General Store Glass Dispenser w/Glass Ice Insert, Bromo Seltzer 2pc Cobalt Dispenser w/Holder & Cup, Computing Scale “The Templeton” Cheese Cutter, General Store Twinplex Stropper Razor Blade Glass & Wood Display, Tip Top Potato Chips Tin/Glass Counter Dispenser, Gordon’s Glass Counter Dispenser & Early Tin Everfresh Canister, (5) Kis-Me Gum Glass Canisters, Foley Pills Glass Canister w/orig label (No Lid), Susu Nuts Glass & Metal Counter Canister, Heckerman, Weidman & Giant Peanut 10lb Peanut Tins, Chiclets Cardboard/Glass Countertop Display, Hall Pottery Lipton Tea Dispenser, 1930’s “Rosie the Riveter” Style Floor Standing Riveter, 1920’s Krueger Tape Serving Device (Better Packages Inc), Antique Optical Complete Set of Optometrist Lenses, Leather US Mail Bag, Butter Nut 10lb Coffee Galvanized Can w/Lid, Stay Neet Collar Supports on Card, Anvil Brand Adv Mirror w/Thermometer, Orig Beech-Nut Oak Framed Mirror, Lencoe’s Flour Adv Mirror, Harris & Shrier’s Cleveland Hat Adv Mirror, Johnson & Johnson Glass Adv Sign, Kleenex 5c Counter Display Rack, 1930’s Pyrene Fire Extinguisher Ashtray, (2) early Parke-Davis Die Cut Cardboard “History of Pharmacy in Pictures”, IRC Volume Control Tin Counter Display w/few Controls, (3) Framed Victorian Die Cut Glamour Girls Advertisers, 1926 Zanol Framed Advertising Cardboard Sign, Oh Henry 5c Cardboard Candy Box, Metal Folding Floor Mount Stool (Industrial), Billman & Son “Coal, Feed & Seeds Tin Match Holder (Newark, OH), Kuntz Potato Chips Small Wood Thermometer (Xenia), Tait Coal Company Wood Thermometer (Springfield), Hotpoint Porcelain 2-Burner Hot Plate, Num-Num Pretzels Glass Canister w/lid, Steiner Metal Wall Hanging Towel Dispenser, Dutch Boy White Lead Paint Can, Heinz Soups-Soup Maker, AMI S-81 Remote Jukebox Speaker, Beautiful Early Stained Glass Window (Florals, 21×16), Early Whiskey Enameled Bottles (Tippecanoe, Gannymede, Williams, etc), Pfeiffer Beer Case w/ Bottles (Miss. 1), TOYS: 1950’s Garton Pedal Scooter (Repaint), Fisher’s Famous Flyer Wood Body Wagon, 1930’s  Hipwell “Safety First” Auto Traffic Race of the Age Game, Early Scooter & Wagon, 1950’s Tonka “Texaco” Tank Truck, etc.                                                           

TERMS: See dafauction.com for 100’s Pictures! Cash or Check (If known to us).Visa/MC w/3% Clerking Fee. Pos Id. Food. No Buyer’s Premium!



Telephone: 614.783.8339 — www.dafauction.com

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